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Witamy na stronie Instytutu Elektrotechniki

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Publishing Department

Electrotechnical Institute (IEL) publishes the journal Proceedings of Electrical Institute (ISSN-0032-6216) and scientifical and technical books .

Books published by IEL - 

Proceedings of Electrotechnical Institute

Proceedings of Electrotechnical Institute– it is non-periodical magazine published since 1951. The magazine publishes oryginal and review articles and shortened Ph.D. dissertations. Magazine is opened for authors from Poland and also from abroad.

Paper version of the magazine is the primary version.

Web site of IEL Proceedings
- http://praceiel.pl

CONDITIONS OF THE PRENUMERATION - All copies can be purchased from IEL Publishing Department be phone, email or traditional letter. Ordered items are shipped by post plus shipping costs. We issue VAT invoices. The price of one copy of Electrotechnical Institute Proceedings is 25 zł + 5% VAT (ca. 6 USD + 5% VAT)


Electrotechnical Institute
M. Pozaryskiego St. 28
04-703 Warsaw (POLAND)
Tel:  +48 22 11 25 221
Fax: +48 22 11 25 445
e-mail:  m.kaminska@iel.waw.pl


PhD Jakub Gadek
tel. 22 11 25 347, e-mail: w.krajewski@iel.waw.pl


Mrs. Magdalena Kamińska
tel. 22 11 25 221, e-mail: m.kaminska@iel.waw.pl