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Witamy na stronie Instytutu Elektrotechniki

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Topics of conducted scientific researches

Topics of conducted reseaerches in Electrotechnical Institute

Researches on renewable energy systems in terms of generation, storage and transfering to power grid. Researches on electric drive systems for electric vehicles and reaearches on wireless energy transfer systems.
Researches on electric apparatus installed in low, medium and high voltage power grids. Circuit breakers, Switchgears, etc.
Researches on modern, high power traction vehicles drive systems based on power electronics and microprocessor controll systems.
Researches on tramway and railway high, medium and low power static converters. Reseaeches on corrosion protection of pipelines and steel structures of underground tunnels againts stray currents. 
Researches on power grid voltage dip compensators.
Researches on high power modular
power converters.
Researches on high power diodes for traction rectifiers.
Special type, low ripple high DC current  power converters for galvanic coatings. Power converters for high frequency induction heating.
Researches on wireless energy transfer systems.
Researches on medium voltage new types of energetic ciucuit breakers with electromagnetic actuator.
Researches on superconductor short-circuit current limiters for medium voltage power grids.
Researches on new production technologies of power grids insulators.
Researches on varistors (overvoltag spikes limiters in power grids).
Modifications of power supply methods for HID (high intensive discharge)
Researches on application of LED's in green houses.
Researches on electric drives in special vehicles.
Researches on electric drives in low speed vehicles. Electric vehicles charging terminals
Researches on low-speed generators for wind turbines and water power plants.
Modification of switching off starting capacitor in single phase AC motors
Designing and researches on BLDC and PMSM in wheel motors for electric vehicles
Systems for recording enviromental
Systems based on new generation of microelectronics
Researches on polimer photovoltaic materials
Researches on electric energy generation from heat and hygrogen-based electric energy storage systems.
Researches on thomography applications in industry. Researches on thomography applications in tree diagnostics.
Researches on high power electric drive systems for locomotives. Stationary, energy recuperation systems for tramway trulleybusses and underground power substations.
Mobile, energy recuperation systems  located onboard of tramways and trolleybusses
Mobilne energy recuperation systems for public transport electric vehicles
Diagnostic system for passenger railway carriages.
Anti-collision tramway system
Systems of eliminations of industrial and organic odours from agricurtural production.
Energy-saving devices for firing power blocks in coal power plants
Hybrid connectors for energy transfering
New, efficient and durable polimer electrolite membrane fuell cell stacks.
Separation of varistors during sintering.
High precision current source for special applications